DNA Life Print for Kids

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September 17, 2005
If your child were missing, would you be prepared? News 12 is on your side to show you what you can do to make sure you have all of your child’s critical information.

“How old are you, Mary? What’s your best friend’s name?” asked Alison McCarthy, DNA Life Print.

A few simple questions that could make a difference in finding your child.

“It helps to see how they act with other people because I’m a stranger to these kids so how they react with me gives you an idea of how they’d react with someone else,” McCarthy said.

DNA Life Print is a national child safety program sponsored by America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh.

“We come out to different cities across America,” McCarthy said.

The program give parents a free DNA kit for their child to keep at home in case their worst nightmare ever became a reality.

“God forbid in case he was I’d have that on file as well as his photograph,” said a parent.

The DNA kit takes one simple step and parents have a full record of their child’s genes. It’s a modern day advancement that comes without error.

“This is better than hair samples or fingerprinting because it’s a guarantee to get a DNA strand,” McCarthy said.

It’s critical information for police when time is your enemy.

No records of the child’s visit with DNA Life Print are kept on file with the program. The purpose is for parents to have the information they need readily available for police.