Local Officers Leave for Mississippi

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September 16, 2005
We have seen recently the outpouring of people helping those affected by Hurricane Katrina by donating their money, their resources, or their time. Today, both Richmond and Columbia County sheriff’s offices sent deputies to the Gulf area.

It’s a long road ahead for the men. They are headed to Jackson County, Mississippi, for a little over two weeks. Lieutenant Clay Smith is the team leader for this group, and he says the officers in the Gulf area need them.

“Their police officers down there have been working pretty much around the clock, so we’re going down there to give them a break,” Smith said.

The shifts are either 12 hours during the day or 12 hours during the night. They’re going to be down there for fourteen days, and the sheriff says the need for law enforcement down there is continuous.

Sheriff Whittle says they need more men to improve safety in the area. Their job will be to patrol the area.

“They need the man-power, they need larger amounts of man-power than what they are currently using,” Whittle said.

They will be completely self-sufficient while they are there. Others in Sheriff Whittle’s office made sure the men will have their own food, water and cots. They also made sure they were up to date on their vaccinations. They will stay near Gulfport, but they are not sure exactly where.

Lieutenant Smith will work that out when they get there. They hit the road around ten Friday morning and will spend the day driving.

The sheriff of Jackson County, Mississippi, contacted the Georgia Sheriff’s Association to ask for help. Twelve officers from Richmond County and the Mobile Command Center left for Mississippi Friday morning.