Gulf Aid Donations Help New Orleans Family Today

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September 2, 2005
News 12 was at Aiken’s Wal-Mart when your donations went to help a family from New Orleans.

It’s not how Sherri Stewart expected to meet her New Orleans neighbors, at the Red Cross in Aiken.

Sherri, Spencer and Blake Stewart are living in Aiken with family after Hurricane Katrina took Spencer’s job and their house.

“It’s terrible. It’s like we’ve been erased,” Sherri said.

The Stewarts came to the Red Cross tent at Aiken’s Wal-Mart for help Friday.

“You can’t not help these people,” said Kelly Swart, Red Cross.

Immediately the Atlanta Bread Company gave them lunch and offered Spencer a temporary job. The Red Cross took them to their Aiken headquarters to get supply money today.

Thanks to so many donations from you, it’s a start for a family trusting God for their future.

“We know God’s in control and he’ll make us much better people through this,” Spencer said.

“We got good people here. We got good people all over,” Kelly Swart said.

Spencer worked as the computer programmer for a hotel in the French Quarter. If you know of a computer programmer job, please call the Aiken Red Cross at 803-641-4152.