People Across the Area Respond To Hurricane Victims

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August 30, 2005
Lots of local people are headed to help with Hurricane Katrina’s destruction and many more are standing by waiting to be sent. News 12 is on your side with who’s responding to help.

Watching Hurricane Katrina’s destruction at the airport is enough to convince Leo Capria he’s headed in the right direction.

“It’s a real tragedy for those folks that had to experience it, so I’m more than glad to go and help in whatever fashion I can,” Capria said.

Leo is a volunteer with Aiken’s Red Cross and the first from the local Red Cross units to leave.

“Whatever I can do there to lessen the burden is what I’m going to do,” Capria said.

That’s the feeling across the area. Fifty soldiers from Fort Gordon left for Mississippi before dawn to help with Army communications. And Georgia Power and South Carolina Electric and Gas have teams on the way.

Others are waiting to find out where they’re needed. Bruce Poss with the Southern Baptist Convention is in charge of one of five feeding trailers in Georgia.

“It was something I knew I could do, really I felt a calling into it,” Poss said.

The Southern Baptists cook most of the meals for both the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. And just one of these trucks prepares 5,000 meals a day.

Bruce’s work has taken him to New York City after 9-11 and Indonesia after December’s tsunami. His advice for the people who want to help, get trained before the disaster.

“It’s a matter of preparing yourself and being ready to go and then those opportunities become available,” Poss said.

Life saving opportunities that demand a major response.

If you want to help, the next training with the Southern Baptist Convention’s cooking trailer is the first weekend in January at National Hills Baptist Church in Augusta. Click here for more on the church’s relief efforts.

Here is some general information about Southern Baptist Disaster Relief.

2004 National Disaster Relief Activity Report
Number of Disaster Responses - 193
Volunteers Who Responded - 15,032
Meals Prepared - 3,500,596
Children Cared For - 869
Buildings Repaired - 2,683
Yards Cleaned - 10,704
Showers Provided - 91,024
Laundry Loads Cleaned - 7,268
Gallons of Water Purified - 1,520
Total Trained Volunteers - 30,840
New Volunteers Trained - 5,360
New Units Placed in Service - 113

2005 National Disaster Relief Fleet Report
Feeding Units - 97
Class A—45
Class B—33
Class C—11
Recovery Units - 384
Communication - 13
Child Care - 16
Shower - 36
Laundry - 3
Water Purification - 14
Other - 23
Total units in the national fleet - 586