Julie Huggins speaks out as former boss speaks up

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News 12 at six o'clock, March 27, 2008

Augusta, GA---Julie Huggins spends her time at home with family pets...Sam, Sarah, and Jessie after being dogged out, she says, by the Augusta Coliseum Authority. "I was like you gonna fire me...you know I'm totally qualified for the job," said Julie.

The authority sent Julie packing following questions over her last job title at the Morocco Shrine. "My title at the shrine was the rental manager," said Julie. But her resume said Non-Fraternal Director of Operations. "We don't have such a title," said Gary Thigpen who is the former chair of the coliseum authority at the shrine.

Julie says, "They weren't concerned about titles...we just weren't.""Correct we didn't operate under titles. We only had 2 positions: a manager and a rental manager," said Thigpen. "The manager handled the office, the rental manager handled the faculty and anything to do with the facility," said Thigpen.

"I was applying for a facilities operational type of job, and I needed to make sure that those qualifications that I had were there, and people can say what they want I'm not gonna change it," said Julie.

"This is something that I'm going to stand up for, I'm not going to be rolled over by the coliseum authority," said Julie. And she's not just barking. Julie has plans to bite back. "Yes, now is the time to take legal action. They should not be allowed to do those things and behave in that fashion."

Julie says she is reviewing her options with a lawyer. She is considering suing the coliseum authority for wrongful termination and possibly discrimination.

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