Child Sex Offenders

August 29, 2005
The facts are almost hard to believe. A fourteen-year-old registered sex offender who was recently released is now attending a public school in Aiken County. Monday night, the mother of one of the two children he molested is speaking out only on 12. News 12 is on your side with what happens when a school-age sex offender is released.

The mother of the six-year-old victim did not want to be named or have her face shown on camera. But she does want to warn parents in Aiken County, their kids may go to school with fourteen-year-old Brantley Corey Poston.

This mother of three, we’ll call her Karen, had no idea what she’d find when she started doing some research.

“I happened to be doing research for a school project I’m working on and pulled up the Sex Offender Registry where I came face to face with this,” Karen said.

Karen’s six-year-old daughter was molested by then thirteen-year-old Brantley Corey Poston. Karen had hired Corey’s grandmother to take care of her three kids.

“She told me a lot about they didn’t have a stable home life, didn’t have a mama, no daddy, she tried to do a lot with them,” Karen said.

The grandmother brought Corey and his brother to the home. Six months later, Karen’s daughter told her what happened the day she was raped.

“She told me she tried to get away from him and she went into the bedroom and then he followed her in the room and locked the door and she couldn’t get out,” Karen said.

Investigators collected DNA evidence after the attack. Corey went to court, pleaded not guilty and was released to his parents. But, he attacked again. This time it was a three-year-old girl at birthday party in Columbia County.

“To protect other children is my number one concern for other parents to know this child is a danger,” Karen said.

Now, the Department of Juvenile Justice tells News 12 he attends the alternative school, Pineview Center in Aiken.

“Typically if they are released from Juvenile custody they can come back into the general population,” said Bill Burkhalter, school attorney.

Aiken County Schools Attorney Bill Burkhalter would not comment on Poston’s particular case.

“It’s changed our family a lot because we don’t do anything, we don’t go anywhere, we don’t want to leave them with anybody,” Karen said.

Brantley attended Merriweather Middle School before he was arrested and convicted as a child molester. In South Carolina, it is state law for law enforcement to notify the school district if a sex offender is enrolled. The school district attorney would not tell News 12 if they had even been notified about Corey’s record.