Newspaper Carrier Killed

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August 28, 2005
One woman is dead after delivering newspapers in Wagener. It was her second day on the job. News 12 sat down with her family as they talk about this tragedy.

At 4 a.m. Saturday morning, Debra Dorch and her district manager, Joe Brewer, were running their route. Brewer was showing Dorch what her new route would be. But then all of a sudden tragedy hit leaving one man wounded and one woman dead.

Thirty-six year old Debra Dorch was loved by her family, a woman her family says did not have any enemies.

“I just can’t understand why, you know why she’s never hurt anybody, not even enemies,” said Jackie Paige, Debra’s first cousin.

Dorch’s first cousin Jackie Paige says Dorch worked for the Aiken Standard delivering newspapers. It was a job she started two days ago to help pay for her education.

“She’d do anything for anybody. She loved to give advice. She was just a kind person, hardworking,” Paige said.

It all happened at four in the morning in Salley, South Carolina. The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office believes Cornell Tyler knows who the unidentified gunman is. Deputies say shots were fired at Union Academy Road and Windsor Road.

“I still can’t believe that somebody could be cruel enough to hurt an innocent person they don’t even know,” Paige said.

Deputies don’t know why shots were fired at the pair. But all Paige wants is justice.

“I just want justice to come to get out there and catch who did it so they can’t do it to somebody else,” Paige said.

A plea to find the gunman who cut a loved family member’s life short.

If you have any information on Cornell Tyler, contact the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office at 800-922-9709. Funeral arrangements for Dorch have been set for Thursday.