2008 Masters traffic plan

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March 25, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga.---There are some traffic changes set for this year around the Augusta National Golf Course for the Masters Tournament. Click the link below to see the full plan. (You may need to right-click and save the file.)

More drivers will be directed to Stanley Drive to reach the new parking lots created between that area and Berckmans Road. Stanley Drive is
the continuation of Alexander Drive, on the south side of Washington Rd.

City traffic experts also say Gate 6A off Berckmans Road will be one of the main entrances for pedestrians.

Plan Overview

Signs will guide patrons from I-20 to exits at Wheeler Road, Bobby Jones Expressway, Washington Road, and River Watch Parkway in Augusta and Martintown Road in North Augusta.

There are three parking locations: Lot A, surrounded by Washington Road, Stanley Drive, and Heath Drive, with three public vehicle access points and one taxi/shuttle access point; Lot 1, located on Washington and Berckmans Roads, with two pedestrian and two public vehicle access points; and Lot 2, located off Berckmans Road, which has one pedestrian access point and one public vehicle access point.

Morning Operations

For Lot A, traffic will be routed in an east-to-west direction into the parking area. Washington Road eastbound traffic will be diverted off onto Stanley Drive, through Gate A5. Westbound traffic will turn left and enter Gate A3. Gate A2 will be a taxi/shuttle drop-off point.

For Lot 1, westbound traffic will turn left off Washington Road into Gate 5. Eastbound traffic will not be able to enter the gate. The other gates to Lot 1 are restricted thusly: Gate 3 for members and players, Gate 3A and 6A for pedestrians, Gate 4 for the media, and Gate 6 for service vehicles.

For Lot 2, northbound traffic on Berckmans will turn right into Gate 10. Pedestrians can use Gate 9. Traffic coming out of Gate 10 will not be allowed to turn right.

Evening Operations

Traffic will be routed out of Lot A through Gates A3, A5, and A10. No one will be permitted to enter Gate A3, and vehicles exiting A3 will not be allowed to turn left. Traffic from A5 will be free to go any direction. Shuttle and taxi access will be available at Gate A2.

Lot 1 traffic will be routed out Gate 4 to the right, onto Washington Road eastbound. Traffic will not be allowed to turn off Berckmans onto Spine or Heath.

The Washington Road westbound on-ramp to Interstate 20 west will also be open from 2 to 9 pm the entire week. It has been closed for several months for construction.

Pedestrian Routes

Washington Road pedestrians will be able to access the course from Gate 3A, and Berckmans Road through Gate 6A and Gate 9.

Practice rounds open to ticket holders start Monday, April 7th. The Tournament is scheduled for April 10-13.

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