Only on 12: Family of man who died in jail speaks out

Willie Casey's mother, Dorothy Dawson, and stepfather, Charlie Gaugh

News 12 at 11:00, March 24, 2008

AUGUSTA, GA -- Agents are officially calling it a death investigation, but sources say 21-year-old Willie Casey probably hung himself in his cell in the Richmond County jail Monday. It happened right after a visit with a family member, according to the jail log.

Investigators say he was not on suicide watch.

Casey was in jail on murder charges. Deputies say he and a 12-year-old boy killed a 65-year-old Augusta man last week over money.

Casey's mother wants to see her son's body, but investigators will not let her, so she is reached out to News 12 to help her get some answers.

"I found out over the TV news. Nobody came out to my house. Nobody let me know nothing, " says Dorothy Dawson. "I know he wouldn't hurt nobody, and I know he wouldn't kill himself. I just can't believe that he killed himself. I just can't believe it."

She says it would help her believe it if she could see the body, but investigators won't let her. News 12 did some digging to help her find out why.

The investigation is on-going, and there is no official cause of death yet.
That can't be determined until the autopsy. So, for now, Casey's body is evidence and letting anyone besides an investigator or coroner look at it might cause problems. As soon as the autopsy is over, Casey's body will be released to the family.

It will take some time, but eventually the family will get the closure they're looking for.

Casey's mom says not long before he was arrested, Casey proposed to his girlfriend of more than two years. That's why it's hard for her to understand why someone who had so many plans for the future could do this.

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