Augusta Prep Students in Court for Gun Incident

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August 26, 2005
It was an accidental shooting on the Augusta Prep campus, and luckily no one was hurt. But the two students involved will be held accountable and Friday they appeared in front of a judge.

Instead of heading to the Youth Detention Center, two students are released to their parents after a detention hearing regarding a shooting incident at Augusta Prep.

“He did bring this weapon on school property to pick up some assignments, the girls or fellow students were in his vehicle and the gun discharged,” said Captain Steve Morris.

The incident was never reported to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. Although in late May, Augusta Prep’s Headmaster, Jack Hall, sent a two-page letter to the Augusta Prep community. It states on May fifth, this female student unlocked this friend’s truck and found a gun, pulling the trigger once nothing happened. But the second time the gun discharged traveling through the rear view mirror and stopping in the windshield. The sheriff’s office just found out in August.

“The law is clear in most circumstances or most cases they must report criminal activity to the District Attorney Office and the Sheriff’s Office,” Morris said.

Now this 16-year-old male is charged with a felony, possession of a weapon on school property and a misdemeanor possession of a weapon by a person under the age of 18. The 16-year-old female is also charged with a felony.

“The girl is charged with giving a false statement,” Morris said.

A lesson learned the hard way.

“A petition will be filed and then it will be certainly slated for a trial but whether there is an actual trial is yet to be determined,” Morris said.

Although the sheriff’s office was never notified, District Attorney Danny Craig said he did receive a call in late May. But, required by law, the sheriff’a office too has to be notified. No trial or sentencing date has been set.