Local Update: March 24, 2008

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Early Morning Blaze:

The fire is out, but a home is destroyed. This, after a fire rips through a mobile home in Clearwater. Police got the call around one o'clock this morning to the home on Happiness Road. So far, there's no word on any injuries, or the cause of the blaze.

Fire Investigation:

Authorities are trying to figure out how a home in Augusta caught on fire in the first place. It started around seven o'clock Sunday night, on the 25-hundred block of Friar Lane. There were people at home when the fire broke out, but thankfully, no one was hurt. Officials say it started in the back of the house.

Tornado Victim Found:

Investigators are trying to put a name with a face, after finding the body of Atlanta's only tornado victim. Crews discoverd the man on Saturday while cleaning up leftover rubble at an office building.
The man had no identification on him, but he was wearing a wedding band. Investigators have sent his body off for an autopsy.

M.C.G. Memorial:

The M.C.G. community will remember one of their own this morning, after a city bus hit and killed a grad student two weeks ago.The med school is holding a memorial at ten a.m. this morning for Gee Chang, in the M.C.G. Wellness Center. The service is open to the public.

Barrow In Town:

Congressman John Barrow wants to hear from Georgia veterans. He'll be in our neck of the woods today, at V.F.W. Post 649 on Windsor Spring Road in Augusta from nine to 10:30 this morning. Barrow wants veterans to share their thoughts about how congress is representing them. The event is open to the public.

School Re-Zoning:

A lot of parents still aren't sure where their children will be going to school next year. The Columbia County Board of Education is still working on details over the planned school re-zoning. You can give your opinion at the next public hearing. That's set for April first, at Greenbrier HIgh School.

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