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News 12 at 11, March 22, 2007

Augusta, Ga. --- It has been a busy seven years for Jacqueline Boatwright, since the daycare accident that left her son brain damaged. Now, she is spending her time focusing on him, her book, her new movie, and changing federal law to keep others from dealing with her difficult experience.

This is "Juan's Story" . The son of Jacqueline Boatwright was only 14 months old when he fell head-first in a bucket of mop water at a daycare. A daycare that didn't have insurance.

"My son is the wind beneath my wings. My love for children. I just would not wish what happened to Juan to happen on any
child," Jacqueline Boatwright said.

And Juan is the reason behind all of Jacqueline's endeavors.

"Everytime I look at my son and how his life was unexpectedly interrupted. So for me it's a personal battle. Because of my heart for children, I just wish for no children to have to suffer needlessly for what he suffered," Boatwright said.

Now 7-years-old, Juan is making strides.

"He's really doing very well. He's not on any major medications. Of course he's still on the ventilator, but he can come off the vent, breathing on his own at least three to four hours a day," Boatwright said.

"This is everyday for the rest of her life, that she will deal with this. And I guess the best way to heal from it is to help others," Deanna Brown said.

A long list of projects aimed at helping others. Jacqueline working hands-on on a movie called, "For the love of Juan."

"It has a little bit of everything. It has the family aspect. It has the spiritual aspect. It has the political aspect. It has the triumph, tragedy. It has something for everybody," Boatwright said.

Deanna Brown spent years standing by her friend Jacqueline. Now, she'll play a role in the film.

"It's not so much about the movie. It's more about the fact that, what her crusade is and what she's doing to help parents and children," Brown said.

Deanna said the Anthony Dejuan Boatwright Act is going to help save some parents and children the heartache that Jacqueline suffered. Making sure daycare's have liability insurance.

Jacqueline said the movie should come out by the end of the year. Part of it will be produced in the CSRA, but they won't release where or when that will happen.

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