March Madness hits the workforce

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News 12 at 11, March 20, 2008

ACROSS THE AREA---No matter how many losing picks you have on your bracket, you're not the biggest loser tonight. Your boss is.

March Madness seems to have hit Ryan Mitchell and his dog Murphy. Mitchell says they both have filled out brackets.

"I've got UCLA taking it all and he's got UNC," Mitchell said.

It's an exciting time of year for the two. So exciting, Ryan took the day off to watch basketball at the Aiken Brewing Company.

"This is basically research. This is just out of the office research. I'm working. Working hard. Working really hard," he said.

Jay Ward says when he's at work he and his co-workers have a hard time concentrating.

"We talk about the teams, the games, the upsets we're hoping to see, it's just exciting," Ward said.

That excitement sometimes keeps him from his work. He says he doesn't feel too bad about it though.

"I'm sure the boss has his own bracket going himself," he said.

Between talking about brackets, games, and all the madness, some experts say businesses will lose about $1.7 billion in productivity this year because of the tournament. even has a way to keep you from getting in trouble. If your boss approaches you while you're watching a game on their website, you can click on the "boss button" and a fake spreadsheet shows up so you look like you're working.

But Ward doesn't really think he has anything to hide.

"I don't think the bosses mind, as long as we get the work done, and we still do," he said.

And Mitchell says he'll keep doing what he calls research in order to beat his dog out.

"I watch a lot more SportsCenter than he does, so I feel like I'm gonna come out on top," he said.

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