Storm damage clean up in Bath

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News 12 at 6:00, March 21, 2007

Bath, SC --- Cleaning up in Bath. Power crews are still out, and piles of debris are everywhere. Homeowners on Pineview Circle, spent the day raking away the mess a tornado left behind.

"It looked like a bomb or something hit around here. Just about every tree was uprooted," Patsy Bagwell said.

Patsy Bagwell said the tornado pulled her roof up and slammed it back down. Her backyard, destroyed. Trees are down and the wooden fence, non-existent. Patsy's house wasn't the only one torn up. Her daughter-in-law's house was hit pretty hard too. A tree fell inside Sabrina Bagwell's house and destroyed the dining room and kitchen.

"It split my house down the middle," Sabrina Bagwell said.

And you can see where the cabinets shifted. But that's not the only problem their dealing with. Sabrina said they don't have insurance. She said they've always had insurance in the past, but didn't renew it.

"I was upset that he didn't renew it. And I was worried what they were going to do, but most of all, I was just thankful they weren't in there," Patsy Bagwell said.

Sabrina said it's something everyone should get no matter what.

"To get homeowners. Don't go without insurance because we never thought something like this would happen. You see it on TV, but it just destroyed our neighborhood," Sabrina Bagwell said.

And although it destroyed half of their house, they're making progress. FEMA stopped by and talked with the Bagwell's. Sabrina said she was told they would try and get them some help. But they've already had a lot of help from friends, family, the Bath Fire Department, and Southern Baptist Church, all helping them repair the roof and re-build their home.

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