Workout For Moms with a Twist

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August 16, 2005
Some moms are joining a new trend, taking your toddler to exercise. News 12 is on your side showing you how to work off the post-baby pounds.

Here at Brookfield Park, a workout with a twist. The slogan for this exercise, BYOB, or bring your own baby.

“I have a 14-month old who’s just starting to walk. It’s our third stroller stride class and it’s been great,” said Melissa Jadick.

“Exercise and get your pre-baby body back,” said Aimee Lonergan, Stroller Strides.

The hour-long session allows toddlers, even newborns, to go work out with mom. At times there are some distractions, like counting your oblique sit-ups while keeping an eye on daughter nearby.

But the kids play with kids, and eventually they get to play along during the stroller ride around the park.

“When we stop we’re always trying to sing and play games with our kids, so it makes it fun for them and we can get in a workout without having to worry about them being stuck in a nursery with a stranger,” Lonergan said.

A stroller stop for push-ups turns into an education. The young ones exercising the mind even while some are a bit too young to recite letters.

“It’s a great plus for me. I like to be with her and so it’s great. She gets out. I get out. She loves to see the other children,” Jadick said.

The final stretch at last and everyone’s exhausted after this post pregnancy workout.

The group featured there is call Stroller Strides; visit their website Individual sessions cost $12, but there are monthly packages available.

There are program designed to help you shed those pregnancy pounds. University Health Care System has a variety of exercise classes and the International “Mom’s Club” is another great way to connect with other new mothers.