Allendale gets help with cleanup

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Allendale, S.C. – The S.C. Department of Corrections has dispatched inmates from Allendale and Ridgeland correctional institutions to assist emergency officials in Allendale County with the cleanup of fallen limbs and debris left in the wake of last weekend’s storms and tornadoes.

Today and Thursday, about 15 inmates will be clearing debris from roadways and stacking it for authorities to haul away.

“Allendale County certainly appreciates all the support,” said Allendale County Fire Chief Rodney Stanley, who is Incident Commander of recovery efforts. “I just can’t say enough about it. It’s just a good thing.”

Inmates selected to participate in the cleanup belong to work crews that typically collect litter from South Carolina highways. They are being supervised by correctional officers from Allendale and Ridgeland correctional institutions.

“The Department of Corrections always pitches in to help when it can,” said Warden George Hagan of Allendale Correctional Institution. “We consider ourselves a part of this community.”

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