Columbia County storm damage

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News 12 at 11, March 18, 2007

Appling, Ga. --- It's a day of clean up for Lonnie Abram.

"A lot of it went across the street. We cleaned up across the street yesterday," Lonnie Abram said.

Saturday's tornado hit his home on Ray Owens Road in Appling. It's one of the hardest hit areas in Columbia County.

"I seen this trailer up here was just gone. Demolished. And I jumped in the truck and came up here to see if I could help the boy," Chris Shultz said.

Lonnie's house, completely ripped apart. His clothes buried underneath the rubble.

So what all did he lose?

"Everything. Everything, everything, everything," Abram said.

Lonnie lost things like his social security card, a brand new TV, and all his furniture.

"That's material things. You can replace that," Abram said.

You can see where the home used to stand. The tornado was so strong, it pushed the whole thing off its foundation.

"It would have to be pretty strong, because it was a pretty solid trailer," Abram said.

Although Lonnie lost his home, he was able to salvage a few items, like his washer, a crockpot, and some jackets.

Lonnie's house isn't the only one hit. Several others were hit around this pond. This cabin across the water, used to stand on stilts. And this mobile home, flipped right over on it's side. As for Lonnie, he's going to clean up and move on.

"Start over. Start over. That's basically all you can do. Start over and hope it don't ever happen again," Abram said.

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