Local Updates: March 18, 2008

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Finally Behind Bars:

After several months on the run, a suspected murderer is behind bars this morning. Victor Scott is facing charges for the murder of Corwin Lee. Investigators found Lee's partially burned body in North Augusta this past December. Scott was one of the C.S.R.A.'s most wanted.

On The Lookout:

Columbia County Deputies are trying to track down Bobby Lee Roberson. M.C.G. Public Safety Officer, Pete Barbara, shot at Roberson in his Westlake neighborhood, when Roberson was allegedly breaking into his vehicle in February. Charges include aggravated assault on a police officer.

Going To Work?

This morning, workers at Castleberry's are still wondering when they'll be back on the job. The plant was supposed to open it doors again yesterday, but last night, it was still closed. The Senior Vice President says the company has applied to have its operating permit re-instated.
There's still no word on when the plant will open its doors again for good.

City Government's Agenda:

A look ahead at what's going on in the city government today. The Coliseum Authority is meeting today, to go over proposals, before officially sending them out to management companies. This comes on the heels of the firing of General Manager, Flash Gordon. They're deciding whether to hire a new general manager, or a management company.
Also on the agenda...the fate of a local teen club, Club Platinum. The Augusta Commission voted last week to put the club on probation for 90 days, close at 11:30 pm, and hire four more off-duty deputies. The full commission will vote on these probation guidelines tonight.

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