Edgefield County Storm Damage

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News 12 at 11, March 17, 2007

Edgefield County, SC --- One of the hardest hit areas in Edgefield County was Long Cane Road. Neighbors there said the tornado damage was kind of spotty and sporadic. It started with wind, rain, and hail, but it ended with this. Saturday's tornado hit Edgefield County around 5:30.

"This area right in here was hit real hard," Carl Padgett said.

Carl Padgett was home watching TV and saw they had 17 minutes till the storm hit Johnston, South Carolina. So his family immediately left their house and went to his mother-in-laws house.

"I don't want to be in a trailer during a tornado," Padgett said.

After the storm, they came back and found three trees on his house and one oak tree on top of his truck. He said his trailer is totaled.

"The ceiling is just about touching the floor," Padgett said.

And you can see here in the pictures, the trees landed right inside.

"Totally, demolished the living room from right here over to the door," Padgett said.

Some homes on Long Cane Road were hit really hard and others, not so much.

"It touched down right up the road here and they just hopped. Just bounced, hit us, lifted back up and tore a bunch of trees up right up here" Padgett said.

Over at the mobile home park, we found one home with it's roof ripped right off and wrapped around this tree. The debris left all over the yard.

And at one house, we found 75 pine trees down in one yard. 75! It almost looks like a piece of art, like they were placed there on purpose. It took minutes to create it, but it could be months before it's gone.

13 buildings and homes were heavily damaged or a total loss in Edgefield County, and more than 18 structures have minor to moderate damage.

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