Storms critically injure one man

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, March 17, 2008

KEYSVILLE, Ga.---The storms on March 15 left only one person seriously hurt. Charles Wright is in critical condition at MCG after a tornado picked up his house and threw it, with him in it.

"It's just devastation," Norman Wright said as he sorted through his brother Charles' home.

"[You] look at it on TV and say, 'well nothing like that will ever happen around here,' but it's right here at home," he said.

Charles and his wife Marion were at home when a tornado touched down and destroyed their mobile home.

"The tornado must've got up under the house and come in and picked the whole side of this trailer up," he said.

The remnants of the home are at least 25 feet from where the foundation is.

Marion was trapped under a fridge, but managed to get out with minor injuries. Her husband was not so lucky.

Charles was pinned in the rubble, but friends found him in it and took him to MCG.

"He was in bad shape when they first picked him up," Norman said.

He's now in critical condition, but Norman says he'll make it through.

"I know he is because he's a strong man," he said.

Norman and other family members are sorting through the mess, trying to find valuables, but mostly anything sentimental.

"Like something his grandma gave him, his mama give him, great grand-mama, he never could replace that," he said.

But replacing those things, and the home, is not the first thing on his mind.

"We can rebuild from this home, but him...I don't wanna lose my brother," Norman said.

He says throughout all the emotion, he's trying to stay strong for his family.

Looking through the damage, he says he's just thankful things weren't worse.

"How could you come out of something like that? God was there, had to be," he said.

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