Storm Damage Roundup

Tree on house in Belvedere. Taken by JS.
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March 15, 2008

Violent storms ripped through the CSRA Saturday night, knocking down trees, ripping off roofs, and leaving many without power. Every single county in the area was affected.

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Following is a list of damage reported to our newsroom.

Georgia: Burke County, Columbia County, Elbert County, Jefferson County, McDuffie County, Warren County

South Carolina: Aiken County, Allendale County, Edgefield County, McCormick County

Georgia Damage

Burke County

Keysville: Glass screen doors blown off house; damage from Highway 80 down Highway 305 to Farmer's Bridge; damage to Adam's Ranch.

Highway 56: Heavy damage including destroyed barns along the highway in the Usher Road area, at Saxton Road.
Peach Orchard Road: Trees and signs in roadway.

Columbia County

Worst of storm hit rural, northern part of county.

Power lines down:
1) Washington Road and McLaddie Drive
2) Stevens Creek and Stevens Way
3) Cobbham Road
4) Riverwood Parkway

Trees down:
1) Mistletoe Road
2) Cobbham Road
3) Tubham Road at Old Washington
4) Ray Owens Road
5) Crawford Place Road

Elbert County

Highway 79 blocked. Roofs off homes, trees down on homes.

Jefferson County

Tornado touched down, taking out all communication and power lines. A state of emergency has been declared. If you are injured in Jefferson County, call 706-547-3000 People are asked to conserve water and stay off the roads. A curfew is in effect as of 9:30.

Entire north end of Jefferson without power.

Wrens: Tornado hit at 6pm; went through center of town. Homes damaged; numerous trees down. Columbia County Mobile Operations Center deployed to Wrens to assist.

McDuffie County

Minor damage

Warren County

Minor damage and trees down.

South Carolina Damage

There were four possible tornado touchdowns in South Carolina, on Pine Log Road, Briar Patch Road, Columbia Highway near the Aiken city line, and Old Cherokee Drive. Lots of damage has been reported in those locations.

Aiken County

A state of emergency has been declared. Click here for updated curfew information.

Aiken: House destroyed on Pine Log Road; large trees down, power out, wind damage on Old Barnwell Road and Andrews Circle.
Bath: Trees fallen onto three homes; roof blown off Bath post office; roof ripped off Jefferson Elementary; roof and other damage in Flint Drive area.
Belvedere/Clearwater: Trees and power lines down.
Langley: Trees down, power lines down, and roof damage on Hill and Dale Drive; severe tree damage, power lines down, roof damage, and flooding on Piney Heights Road; trees and power lines down, road blocked on Cato Drive; trees down, road blocked, and flooding on Project Road.
North Augusta: Pine trees damaged two cars on Bradley Drive; trees landed on homes on Green Forest Drive; trees down on two cars and fence damaged on Bradley Drive; trees down on Cherokee Drive; trees down on Greeneway; 12 foot fence at ball field bent over.

Highway 421: Massive traffic backups; traffic lights out.
Highway 1: Stretch of road without power.

Allendale County

Allendale: Power lines and trees down.

Edgefield County

Johnston: Damage to a home on Long Cane Road.

McCormick County

Saluda County is sending deputies to McCormick County to help with extensive damage there.

Willington: Power outages; trees down.

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