Singer Speaks Out About Battlefields

March 14, 2008

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Trace Adkins says all he has to do is take a
short drive from his Nashville-area home to see the state of
America's Civil War battlefields. It's poor.
He says where he lives just south of Nashville there are so many
sites that have been paved over or just have a little plaque
designating the site. He says "it's a travesty that that part of
our history is being paved over."
Adkins was in Washington today, where he spoke on behalf of the
Civil War Preservation Trust, a group dedicated to preserving Civil
War battlefields.
Adkins' passion was sparked by family stories. His
great-great-grandfather fought in the Civil War and was in the
siege of Vicksburg.
So, is Adkins passing along his passion to his children? Not so
much. As the father of five daughters, he says they're not so much
interested in war. They'd much rather go to Disney World.

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