Aiken County Teachers Get Ready For School

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August 5, 2005
Aiken County kids head back to class on Tuesday. As News 12 found out, teachers busy setting up their classrooms have mixed emotions.

Putting the finishing touches on her third grade classroom, East Aiken High School’s first-year teacher Ashley Hollowell wants everything to be just right. Ashley admits, she’s nervous.

“Very much so, probably more than the students,” Hollowell said.

This new teacher isn’t so new to Aiken County schools. She grew up in them and graduated from South Aiken High.

“It’s really neat to see it from the student’s perspective and then again from the teacher’s perspective,” Hollowell said.

Up the hall East Aiken’s reigning Teacher of the Year Renee Owens has a surprise for music students. Look at these walls!

“I wanted color in here, I have 12 walls in this room. They were all white,” Owens said.

And a grant bought 30 new instruments. This 10-year teacher isn’t nervous anymore, but her emotions are still high.

“I always get the excitement,” Owens said.

New teachers, new titles, new instruments and new classrooms. But some things never change. It seems Aiken County students and teachers seem ready to go back on Tuesday.

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