Another yard sale hit by counterfeiters

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News 12 at 11, March 10, 2007

MARTINEZ, Ga. --- Jeremy Eaves had a yard sale Saturday at his home in Martinez. But this yard sale went the same way as four others on Fall Creek Lane in Grovetown where two women passed counterfeit money.

"Got to looking at it and we saw it was fake and shortly after I went chasing them down and got their tag number," Jeremy Eaves said.

Captain Steve Morris said they believe it's the same pair of women responsible for both crimes. Jeremy said the two white females between 50 and 60, were driving a blue Geo Prism. He said they passed counterfeit twenty dollar bills, and got away with DVDs and a printer.

"To be honest with you, I was very surprised that because its two elderly ladies. You just don't expect that, you don't expect it," Eaves said.

Captain Morris said when you get a bill, do a quick inspection because counterfeiters use different techniques like sandwiching the fake bills between the real ones.

"When you least expect it, that's when your going to receive it. Inspect each bill. We know that most of us aren't carrying around counterfeit pens. Just use what the Government has built in," Captain Morris said.

He said a common way to check, is to look for the watermark by holding the bill up to the light. You won't see the watermark images in a counterfeit. Captain Morris said it's important to look for the differences not similarities.

Deputies said the best way to protect yourself is by using a counterfeit money detector pen. Here's how it works. All you do is mark an X on the bill to see if it's real or not. If it's real, the X is brown. But if it's fake, the X is black.

"It's pretty messed up how you know someone will do this to you. Your just trying to make an extra few bucks with a yard sale and then you got these unhonest people coming up and paying with fake money," Eaves said.

If you have any information on these counterfeiters, call the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

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