Castleberry's halts production, sends workers home

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News 12 at six o'clock, March 10, 2008

Augusta, GA---The Food and Drug Administration tells News 12 they have revoked Castleberry's emergency permit. This prohibits the company from shipping products. You may remember a botulism scare back in July caused the plant to close and issue a major recall. There in no recall this time. Workers with at least one year on the job are being paid. Everyone else is eligible for unemployment.

"Nobody wants to be out of a job," said Darius Greene. Darius and his twin brother Daryl are spending the day at home. The twins are just a few of hundreds of workers who were turned away Monday.

"I was just a little shocked, cause like my brother said, we had just left work Friday, and everything was good," said Daryl. "It's kinda rough, but if things not right we gotta do things the right way you know," said Darius.

Castleberry's products are still on the shelves. There is no word of recalls. this time it's about equipment issues. "It's nothing like the first time where any bad product got out the plant or nothing like that. It's just a situation the USDA want taken care of," said Darius.

News 12 has learned the issue may be in the retort department. What's a retort: a machine used to process foods. It is basically a pressure cooker. With production down the twins say the pressure is beginning to build. "The only thing you can do at this point is pray about it, and hopefully everything will work out for the best," said Daryl. This all comes as the twins and many others play a waiting game. "Things happen for a reason you know...God do things for a reason so like I say hopefully we'll be back to work next week."

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