Local Update - March 10, 2008

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Driving Alert:

A heads up for drivers heading down Washington Road this morning, and for the next three weeks. Crews are closing the westbound, right-hand lane in the 28-hundred block there, in front of Kroger, to create a de-celeration lane and driveways. There's no detour. To avoid the traffic all together, you can take Riverwatch Parkway.

More James Brown Drama:

After a full day in an Aiken County Courtroom Friday, another trustee could now be held in contempt of court. Former trustee and attorney for James Brown, Buddy Dallas, took the stand...testifying about a secret trustee appointment...Bill Hammond. It was the first time the judge, or any of the 20-something lawyers in the room had heard of it. Another big issue...the 4 trustees apparently transferring the trust from South Carolina to Georgia.

Flash Gordon Fired:

Gordon is no longer at the top of the todem pole at the James Brown Arena. His contract would have expired in December, but in a Friday morning meeting, the Coliseum Authority voted to fire General Manager, Robert "Flash" Gordon with a 5 to 4 vote. Gordon is going to receive a 90 day severance package. Another meeting is scheduled for today. The authority has called another meeting for this morning.

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