Developments in the James Brown Hearing

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News 12 at 6 o'clock; March 7, 2008

AIKEN, S.C. --- New developments in the James Brown Estate Hearing. It was a day of courtroom surprises. A second former trustee potentially facing willful contempt charges.

All the lawyers and even the judge learned for the first time, there apparently is another trustee besides Alfred Bradley, Buddy Dallas and David Cannon. The latter three have previously resigned.

Dallas was on the stand this afternoon for almost 2 hours. He testified that on or about July 26th of last year, there was a meeting between himself, Bradley, Dallas and Bill Hammond. That's where Dallas said there were 3 documents prepared.

The first apparently appointing Hammond as a trustee. The second, a resignation of David Cannon and the third, a transfer of the trust from South Carolina to Georgia.

Now, Judge Jack Early is telling Bradley's attorney he needs to show evidence as to why Dallas is not in willful contempt of court for not previously providing this information.

There was a decision made this afternoon. The South Carolina Attorney General's Office arguing Adele Pope and Robert Buchanan -- who are the court appointed personal representatives and trustees -- should not be holding both positions. The judge denied that motion.

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