Local Update - March 7, 2008

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Fatal Car Accident:

One person is killed, in an accident along I-20 this morning. It happened around seven o'clock, near Belair Road (exit 194). The Columbia County Coroner has confirmed after the car flipped, the driver was thrown from the vehicle, and killed. The name of the victim has not yet been released.

Daylight Saving Time:

We don't want you strolling in late to work Monday morning. We're about to hit daylight saving time already. It starts at two a.m. Sunday.
We want to remind you to set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed Sunday night. This means you'll lose an hour of sleep, but you'll gain an hour of daylight.

North Augusta Manhunt:

North Augusta Police are on the hunt for a man, after a deadly wreck on Atomic Road 2 weeks ago. He's Armando Hernandez. Investigators say he may have been the one who left the scene of the crash that killed another person. If the court finds him guilty, he could spend 25 years behind bars. Police say Hernandez may be in Atlanta.

Local Sex Sting:

2 of 10 men busted in a sex sting at Pendleton King Park, and the Augusta Canal in February now know their fate. 59 year old Francis Delong, a married insurance company salesman, and 60 year old Lee Inglett both pled no contest in court. The judge ordered both of them to pay the maximum fine of $1,000. They also have to do ten hours of community service, and they can't go to any city parks for the next six months.

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