Men arrested in park sex sting in court

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News 12 First at Five, March 6, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga -- 10 men arrested in a February sex sting went before a judge this morning. They were facing charges for soliciting public sex with other men at Pendleton King Park and the Augusta Canal.

The 10 men, ranging from 41 to 81,were charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct for solicitation and now a two know their sentence and families at the park are starting to come back

Malinda Overstreet playing with her granddaugher Kiersten at Pendleton King Park. It's their first day back since a bust that sent 8 men to jail for soliciting public sex, not far from where families like the Overstreets play. "They should be ashamed. Very much ashamed."

Two more men arrested the same day at the Augusta Canal; all 10 in court Thursday thanks to vice investigators like Tony Hyatt

Gardner, "Did any of them seem remorseful?"
Hyatt "No, not at all."

Hyatt says the men arrested were retired family men and business men. "A lot of the men appeared, seemed to be older men, married, retired, family people--not loners."

Francis Delong,a 59-year-old married man who worked as an insurance company salesman plead no contest.

Hyatt "Men were approaching officers"
Gardner "And asking?"
Hyatt "Asking for different types of sexual activities to be preformed."

60-year-old Lee Inglett also plead no contest.

The other 8 men now going to trial, including 81-year-old William Hinson who was charged in another sex sting bust at the park in 2004.

Also going to trial, 41-year-old James Martin, a former physical therapist at Trinity Hospital who investigators say has lost his job since the bust.

Then there is Harry Taylor, a 43-year-old with an extensive rap sheet, convicted of aggravated assault in the 80's and charged with aggravated child molestation in 2006.

But despite all of this, Malinda says she still feels comfortable at the park.
"It's a good place to be. More parents should bring their children out to this one. Don't just shun it."

Inglett and Delong were given the maximum fine, $1,000, and sentenced to ten hours of community service. The men were also banned from any city park for the next six months.

No word on when the other 8 men will go to trial.

For the two men who plead no contest..the judge handed down the maximum fine- 1 thousand dollars..and sentenced both to 10 hours of community service and banned them from entering any city park for the next six months
No word on when the other 8 will go to trial.

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