Damage control after widespread storm

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First at Five, March 5, 2008

ACROSS THE AREA---Local storm damage leaves people around town with a lot to clean up. City workers say they may be cleaning for a week.

James Davis says he'll miss the 12-foot tree that was in his front yard.

"It was kind of a cute little tree," he said.

Wind knocked it over into his yard, but he's thankful he has the tools to clean it up himself.

"Sure, I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it, and I'm glad there wasn't anymore damage," he said.

But the wind did do more damage down the street, at the EZ Q Food Store. Owner Yong Lee says it's about $20,000 worth.

"I never think about storms around here, but why me?" he said.

His brothers are helping him fix the roof, to keep costs down.

City workers are also cleaning up around town.

"It's pretty busy, we stay busy. But it's pretty busy today," said worker Ron Williams.

They were cleaning up a tree at the YMCA on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Workers say it looked pretty healthy on the outside.

Yellowish parts show growth but the tree also had black parts, showing it was rotting on the inside.

City workers say they have about a dozen sites to clean up.

Davis says he's glad his problem was pretty minor.

"When you think about you got a little problem and then you see something of that nature...I'm always thankful. I'd like to say that's my motto: I'm thankful," he said.

He says the storms could have caused a lot more damage around the city and hopes everyone can be as optimistic as he is.

"After the rain, there's sunshine, huh?" he said.

If you'd like to report an old or diseased tree, you can call the Augusta-Richmond County Public Services Department at (706) 790-7062.

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