Suspect's sister speaks out

By: Shalah Sasse Email
By: Shalah Sasse Email

News 12 at 6:00, March 5, 2007

Augusta, Ga. --- We have new information about Deputy Anthony Gregory. Investigators said he was the deputy involved in the weekend high-speed chase. Sgt. Pat Young said Deputy Gregory has been with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office since May 2005. Sgt. Young said, Deputy Gregory has two disciplinary violations for sleeping on duty. One of those resulted in a four-day suspension. Sgt. Young also said, Deputy Gregory is under a 12-month probation until May 2008. Investigators said 19-year-old Jamie Ray Clark had been arrested after leading Deputy Gregory on a high-speed chase down Gordon Highway. That chase ended in a fatal crash at Old Savannah Road, killing 43-year-old Laura Latimer.

"I don't believe Jamie would run from the cops. It's not something Jamie would do because he's been pulled over before with his driver's license and he had under-age drinkers in the car. He was being their designated driver and he pulled over. He didn't run then...why would he run now," Yvonne Clark said.

The Georgia State Patrol Accident report said the driver condition for Jamie Clark is marked as number 5. And a number 5 means, "under the influence of drugs".

"I don't believe he really did anything to hurt anybody. He wouldn't do that," Clark said.

Clark's sister Yvonne said she finds it hard to believe what it is happening.

"I don't blame Jamie for it if it wasn't his fault. But if it was his fault, he does deserve to pay for it, and he will," Clark said.

Yvonne said she was upset when she found out about her brother. She said it's hard to understand.

"Our whole family feels bad for what happened to the other lady and we didn't expect anything like this to happen," Clark said.

Yvonne said the hardest part for their family is the feeling that they don't know exactly what happened.

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  • by Gwen Location: Savannah on Mar 8, 2008 at 07:48 PM
    I am real close to the Clark family and I consider Jamie a brother. I have noticed on here people keep saying Jamie isn't the victim and that he should have the death sentence and pay for what he did. It is a terrible thing that happend and the Latimer family has my condolences, but you act as if though the Clarks are not also grieving. Jamie whom also has a child of his own, has a kind heart and would never intentionally hurt someone. Things happen that we don't understand and we don't live forever. Yes, this will haunt Jamie for the rest of his life regardless of what everyone on here thinks. He is suffering the consequences of his actions. He didn't write that down in his to do list for the day. Just like no one reading this at the moment knows what their future holds for tomorrow or even 30 years from now. For those of faith whom may be reading this, why don't you take a step back. It isn't your job to judge. You are all in my thoughts.
  • by UPSET Location: AUGUSTA on Mar 7, 2008 at 12:57 PM
  • by Dep Location: csra on Mar 7, 2008 at 11:52 AM
    It makes me wonder why I still wear a badge. We get flagged down on the street or have owr meals interrupted because you want to know why people get to do what they want to on the roads and we do nothing about it. We they try to stop that very behavior and something happens the same monday morning QB want to hang and quarter us for doing our jobs. We are human just like everyone of you but we are suppose to predict the future and know where something is going to happen days before it does. The Supreme Court recently ruled that it is not the officers that are ultimatilly responsible it is the person that chose to run. The person who runs is the one you great mines out there should be questioning about why they ran. It is no wonder why I dont really care to help anyone out there because you are not worth it anymore. I dont hear to much of an uproar when a Officer is killed because on you non driving gods and godess out there. Think you can do better get a job hero's and we'll see.
  • by Ms. Mogan Location: Augusta on Mar 6, 2008 at 05:40 PM
    Jamie Clark and Deputy Gregory KILLED my best friend. I don't care how nice of people they were before the accident the bottom line is they killed Laura. Just to give you all a little history on me and Laura we are best friends and co-workers at Kellogg's. How they killed Laura was unfair and I hope both of them suffer. As for Jamie there is no excuse for his actions I he get the death penalty he deserve to die also and I mean that from my heart. Laura had 3 kids and a newborn grandson who is going to be there for them kids now. My main question is waS IT worth it?
  • by Anonymous on Mar 6, 2008 at 08:07 AM
    Where do i start? Excuses, excuses, excuseS! STOP THEM!!!I wish Jamie just take the responsbilities like he should of did in the begging and see what he making us suffer from with Laura death.To Jamie sister open your eyes please!!!Lord bless your soul. Stop lying to yourself if you say your brother who you said he was a MAN why did he keep going? Don't nobody know can't nobody answer that but him and God! I am not putting all the blame on him cause i blame the police just as well. I don't care what nobody say. Ya'll is using his child as an excuse and it makes me want to throw up.Laura just had a grandbaby born a few months ago she will never c again, atleast Jamie will get to see his child again. Stupidity and been dumb cause heartbreaks and he was been stupid and dumb, a follower and not no leader. Laura I love you so much and I miss you dearly. Its killing me inside each and everyday to know that u gonE. I Love you Laura and R.I.P!!! GOD KNOWS THEY GONE GET WHAT THEY DESERVE.
  • by Clark is NOT the vistim Location: North Augusta, SC on Mar 6, 2008 at 07:57 AM
    I wish they would stop taking up for Jamie like he was the victim. I witnessed him running first hand from the police. He almost hit me on Broad St. How can you say he wouldn't do something like this.
  • by Very disgusted Location: Augusta on Mar 6, 2008 at 06:41 AM
    My husband worked for the sheriff's office for 6 years and was friends and still is with deputy gregory he is very good guy and i dont why peope are making him out to be the criminal. yes he might have been pulling clark over for a traffic violation but why wouldnt he stop there must of been something he was trying to hide! Maybe DUI as it says in the traffic report from Ga State Patrol.
  • by Aiken Location: Aiken on Mar 6, 2008 at 05:31 AM
    Carlos, let me tell you a story. A young man name Timothy is stopped for a minor traffic violation by law enforcement, using YOUR theory, lets say that the driver takes off after the officer got his D/L. If we do as you say the officer should let him go. Did i forget to tell you his last name was McVeigh. Most people rememember him as the Oklahoma City bomber. Get a clue, Mr clark started these event. And if you think you can do a better job, PLEASE join the ranks that keep you safe every day.
  • by b Location: aug on Mar 6, 2008 at 05:10 AM
    is someones life worth the police chases? seems the one they are pursuing gets thru the wrecks ok an a innocence person gets killed. i dont think they should have chases.
  • by DISGUSTED Location: Thomson on Mar 5, 2008 at 08:20 PM
    Let’s not criticize the police officer in this fatal accident because the recording clearly states break it off at the state line. The officer was doing his job and the suspect made the choice to go on a high speed chase. I’m tired of people making him out to be a good guy. His face is plastered all over the news as if he was the victim. The true victim whom will never get a chance to hold her kids or watch them grow up was killed. The victim's family has only been on one news broadcast. He doesn’t deserve the coverage, energy or time that has been allocated on the television. We should never say what people will or will not do. When put into a situation, we all sometimes make the wrong decisions.
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