Suspect's sister speaks out

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News 12 at 6:00, March 5, 2007

Augusta, Ga. --- We have new information about Deputy Anthony Gregory. Investigators said he was the deputy involved in the weekend high-speed chase. Sgt. Pat Young said Deputy Gregory has been with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office since May 2005. Sgt. Young said, Deputy Gregory has two disciplinary violations for sleeping on duty. One of those resulted in a four-day suspension. Sgt. Young also said, Deputy Gregory is under a 12-month probation until May 2008. Investigators said 19-year-old Jamie Ray Clark had been arrested after leading Deputy Gregory on a high-speed chase down Gordon Highway. That chase ended in a fatal crash at Old Savannah Road, killing 43-year-old Laura Latimer.

"I don't believe Jamie would run from the cops. It's not something Jamie would do because he's been pulled over before with his driver's license and he had under-age drinkers in the car. He was being their designated driver and he pulled over. He didn't run then...why would he run now," Yvonne Clark said.

The Georgia State Patrol Accident report said the driver condition for Jamie Clark is marked as number 5. And a number 5 means, "under the influence of drugs".

"I don't believe he really did anything to hurt anybody. He wouldn't do that," Clark said.

Clark's sister Yvonne said she finds it hard to believe what it is happening.

"I don't blame Jamie for it if it wasn't his fault. But if it was his fault, he does deserve to pay for it, and he will," Clark said.

Yvonne said she was upset when she found out about her brother. She said it's hard to understand.

"Our whole family feels bad for what happened to the other lady and we didn't expect anything like this to happen," Clark said.

Yvonne said the hardest part for their family is the feeling that they don't know exactly what happened.

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