Neighbors threatened with eviction say they shouldn't pay

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, March 3, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Neighbors at a mobile home park are worried after some got a letter warning of eviction, but they say they couldn't have known they owed money.

"I wasn't behind until this morning," said Susan Scott.

She says her rent was all caught up at Rocky Creek Mobile Home Park, and there's no reason for management to threaten to evict her.

"I'm feeling crushed, devastated, and wondering how am I gonna make ends meet right now," she said.

Her notice doesn't say how much or why she owes money, but some neighbors say rent went up in January $15 a month. They say they never received any paperwork about the increase.

"Nobody got notices, and what happened was, everybody was just bowling up, late fees, late fees and late fees," neighbor Angela Taylor said.

She says most people drop their rent off in a box, but she found out about the increase because she paid her rent in person one month.

She told a manager she didn't know about the increase, and the manager replied that many people didn't seem to know about it.

"I'm thinking, does a billboard have to hit you in the head?" she said.

Now some neighbors are worrying about what they'll do if they're really kicked out.

"Most these people out here...nobody has much money for that. You know, we're getting by," said Taylor.

The eviction warnings also had a letter saying the company that runs the park recently made some changes, so now Scott hopes the new management will realize somebody made a mistake.

"I don't think they know how to manage a trailer park very well," she said.

The company that runs the park, Gulf Atlantic Asset Management, refused to talk to News 12. The new manager said they were too busy talking to people about their evictions.

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