Bill aimed at online sexual predators

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February 27, 2008

ATLANTA, Ga.---State Representative Hardie Davis (D-Augusta) is sponsoring a bill in the Georgia Legislature to protect children from online sexual predators.

Rep. Davis said, "Many sexual predators are turning to the internet for their next victim. Unfortunately, there are really no laws monitoring their behavior online."

The bill requires convicted sex offenders to register their e-mail accounts and any change in accounts with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). That state wide police agency maintains the Sex Offender Registry.

Upon the request of the internet provider, the GBI could also release account information, and in return, internet providers could report any violation of the law by the sexual predators.

Another provision prohibits sexual offenders from using the internet to access pornographic material, access a commercial social networking website, communicate with others for the purpose of promoting sexual relations with those under 18, or communicate with someone under 18 who is not his or her minor child.

The bill is HB 1287. You can read the entire text or monitor its progress
through the current session of the General Assembly by linking to the web site

You can also contact Rep. Davis at 404 656-0325 or 706 434-8553.

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