Only on 12: Coliseum Candidate Profile

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News 12 at six o'clock, February 26, 2008

Augusta, GA---As News 12 first told you, Julie Huggins is the top candidate for the facilities manager position at the James Brown Arena. Now we share a little bit about her.

Huggins has 10 years of experience in the convention and hospitality industry. She recently served as director of operations at the Morocco Shrine Auditorium in Jacksonville, Florida.

Huggins is said to have managed all departments and negotiated all contracts with events. While at the Morocco Shrine she oversaw departmental finances and is said to have reduced operating cost by 25% while generating a 20% increase in new clients for repeat business.

Huggins would oversee the finance, engineering, and operations for the complex here in Augusta. The facilities manager position pays $50,000 dollars a year.

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