Georgia Senate says "cheers" to alcohol sales

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February 26. 2008

ATLANTA (AP) -- Sunday alcohol sales to stadium crowds and
limousine passengers would be allowed under a bill approved by the
state Senate. But another that would allow grocery stores to sell
booze on Sundays is still languishing.

The Senate voted 30-20 on Tuesday to allow public stadiums and
auditoriums to sell beer on Sundays in counties that already permit
Sunday sales in restaurants and bars. The measure is aimed at a new
stadium being built in Gwinnett County to host a Triple-A Atlanta
Braves farm team.

The second bill would allow limousine carriers to sell alcohol
to their customers. It passed 40-11.

Some communities in Georgia already allow restaurants and bars
to sell booze on Sundays. But Georgia is one of only three states
that bans stores from selling any kind of alcohol on the Sabbath.

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