Georgia man wins $270 million

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News 12 at 11, February 25, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- It's a dream come true for Robert Harris. He's now $270 million dollars richer. On Saturday, he was in Augusta visiting his mother. That's where News 12 caught up with them to find out that lies ahead.

Harris and his wife bought the golden ticket on Friday night at a convenience store in Portal, Georgia...population right around 600. Harris used his grandchildren's birthdays to pick the lucky numbers.

"He doesn't have to work anymore because he won a million dollars. Actually two million...270 million," Robert's grandson said.

The Harris' said they've struggled in the past but now, they want to give back to their church, buy a Lexus, and move out of their mobile home.

"I've always wanted a log cabin and now I can have one," Tonya Harris said.

They're also looking forward to taking care of their two children and six grandchildren.

"Instead of we can't get a dirt bike or we can't get them a four-wheeler...we can. I mean it's just minor things to a lot of people but to us it means a know that you can just go out there and buy," Tonya said.

Robert, who spent 21 years working as a steel iron worker said the best gift is quitting his job and spending time with his family.

"Since I was 16 years old, I've worked and now I don't have to work and my family's gonna live good," Robert Harris said.

A real life story of dreams coming true for the Harris family. A lifetime of sacrifice in order to provide. Now paying off in a bigger way than they ever imagined.

"So proud it's unreal. It's a blessing. I've worked all my life, struggled, worked hard and it's a blessing," Robert said.

The Harrises traveled to Atlanta Sunday. On Monday, the numbers will be verified, and under the cash option, Harris will take home a lump sum of $164 million.

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