Man dies in two vehicle hit-and-run crash

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February 23, 2008

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.---North Augusta Public Safety is looking for whoever was driving a pickup truck that swerved into an SUV, causing an accident that killed a man and left another in critical condition.

It happened around 3 o'clock this morning. 24-year-old Gregorio Cruz was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident on Atomic Road.

Aiken County coroner Tim Carlton tells News 12 a 2004 Ford Expedition was traveling north when it was sideswiped by a 1992 Ford F150 pickup truck traveling south. The light brown truck served into the northbound lane, hitting the SUV and causing it to leave the road.

When the Expedition hit the guard rail, Cruz and another occupant were ejected. Due to the ejection, it's unclear which one of the men was driving.

The Expedition kept going and fell down a 40 foot ravine.

Carlton says the pickup truck's occupant(s) tried to drive away, but the truck was damaged too much to go on, so they abandoned it 3/4 of a mile down the road.

North Augusta Public Safety and the coroner's office are looking for the occupant(s) of the truck. If you know anything, call the police.

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