Fugitive caught thanks to News 12 viewers

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, February 22, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Deputies arrested 28-year-old Nicholas Scott, accused of killing his stepbrother. They caught him in a local restaurant thanks to some workers who've been watching News 12.

Jeffrey Malcom says he's seen some weird stuff in the ten years he's managed a Huddle House.

"Rip off their clothes, try and walk around the restaurant," he said.

He says what happened early Friday morning can be added to the list.

"I would say, within the top five," he said.

Restaurant workers say a man walked in with a cowboy hat on and he looked like Nicholas Scott, who they'd seen on News 12.

"I told my co-workers, I said that looks like the man they showed on the news that murdered his step-brother," said Janet Bussard.

Workers say Scott was sitting at a table in the corner, ordering food, just like anyone would. But they say they had some clues that helped them recognize him.

"It just kept adding up. He had cuts on his knuckles. He was walking funny with a limp," said employee Nicole Newton.

Based on those clues they thought it looked enough like him to call Richmond County deputies.

They arrested Nicholas Scott at the restaurant.

Aiken County wanted him in the death of his step-brother, Randy Simpson.

They also accused him of vandalism and beating a man unconscious.

What surprised workers was the way he acted.

"He seemed real friendly, like nothing bothered him, nothing was wrong," said Newton.

They say he told them he was gonna take a bus to Texas.

"You could tell he'd been living on the streets for a day or two. His eyes were red, clothes were dirty," said employee Ron Gauthier.

The manager says he doesn't know why Scott would even be in public, with his face on the news.

"I would have went outside the News 12 area, if I was gonna try and go somewhere," Malcom said.

He's just glad no one in the restaurant was hurt.

"We don't need people like that on the streets. There's no telling, he could've come in here and hurt any of the employees," he said.

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