Buffalo Soldiers ride again

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February 18

AUGUSTA, Gaa.---In honor of Black History Month, Augusta State University celebrated those who protected the western frontier of the U.S.

The Buffalo Soldiers came to the University Monday. They do a riding demonstration and teach students about their legacy.

The Black soldiers, part of the US Cavalry, were among the first to take part in the settling of the West in the 1800s. They helped build towns and got the railroads going. They were stationed at such outposts as Ft Davis in west Texas, which is now a museum honoring their contributions.

Buffalo Soldier rider James Gilchrist told News 12, "I carry the torch on and I plan on carrying that torch on so everyone will know about the soldiers."

The Indians of the West gave them the name of "Buffalo Soldiers".

This is their ninth annual trip to ASU, and they say they feel honored to be invited back each year.

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