World famous adventurer and wildlife expert Jack Hanna visits Edgefield

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February 13, 2008, News 12 at 11

EDGEFIELD COUNTY, SC--World famous adventurer and wildlife expert Jack Hanna visited Edgefield Wednesday night.

He was the featured guest for a fund raiser for "All God's Creatures" in Edgefield County.

The group is trying to raise money for a shelter, which Edgefield doesn't have now.

Stray animals are a major problem in the area.

All God's Creature founder Denise Holcomb says, "We have a lot of animals that are taken and just destroyed and it's just because we're overrun, we just have too many."

Wildlife expert Jack Hanna says people judge a community by stray dogs and it's important for a community to have a shelter.

Jack Hanna flew in from Charleston to help the group in its efforts.

Watch News 12 to hear more from Hanna about a special trip he and News 12's Tom Campbell took more than 20 years ago.

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