Ten men arrested for soliciting sex

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First at Five, February 8, 2008

RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga.---An undercover sting sent ten men to jail for soliciting sex from undercover officers.

Jennifer Crawford likes taking her daughter Arwyn to Pendleton King Park. News of men soliciting sex from undercover officers is not something she wants to hear.

"I'm very sad to hear that people like that exist in the world. They should have more consideration for other people, in particular children," she said.

Investigators received complaints of men having sex in the park, so they set up an undercover sting.

They arrested eight men there for asking undercover officers to have sex in public. Another two were picked up near Lake Olmstead.

Investigators say men have sex not only in the restroom, but also in even more public places like the woods.

"What actually surprised me was that someone would hook up in a public place. Wanna have sex in the public and wanna have sex with a stranger in the public," said Sgt. Richard Elim of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

The men arrested range in age from 41 to 81.

Sergeant Elim says one man, Harry Taylor, has an extensive criminal history including violence. Sergeant Elim says Taylor also exposed himself to an officer at the park.

"I just don't understand the need to do those kinds of things in the public," Sgt. Elim said.

Investigators say they found things like baby wipes, lubricant and condoms at the locations.

"I personally have never seen anything unusual going on in this park, but I guess you never know," Crawford.

She says she'll still bring her daughter to the park but now she'll probably keep a closer eye on her.

"I guess you can never be too safe and anytime something like this comes to light you wanna make sure you're doing all the right things as a parent," she said.

Investigators are hoping this sting will help parents make the parks safer.

A similar sting in the park in the summer of 2004 led to 27 arrests.

(Not pictured below: Robert Earl Duggar, W/M, 81 and John Clifford Gregory, W/M, 55.)

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