Neighbors worried after bullets hit homes

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February 8, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Depeuties told News 12 they have made three arrests in a neighborhood shootout where 12 to 15 shots were fired.

James Berrian and Jimmy Berrian were arrested Thursday night and charged with aggravated assault and damaged to property. It's now clear at this time if they are related.

Earlier, officers arrested Warren Mayo for reckless conduct. He could face more charges if anyone was struck by one of his bullets.

Investigators say the Berrians went to an apartment in the Underwood Homes neighborhood on Fairhope Street to talk to Mayo. They were doing a business deal about a pair of shoes for $40.

Mayo says he shot in self-defense, according to investigators.

Tashada Jackson says she saw the whole thing.

"When I was standing in my window and I heard the shot hit my window, I instantly dropped to the ground," she said.

She says three men pulled up in a jeep. The driver stayed inside, but the other two ran into an apartment building. She heard shots, then saw the two men run back out.

Then she saw another man.

"He came around his front building, firing back at the guys that got back in the truck. As he was shooting at the truck, he shot so much he hit a couple houses," she said.

Serita Jackson says her house was hit by two bullets. She has lived in the neighborhood for about a year now.

She says she always considered her neighborhood safe for her five kids, but might change her mind now.

"To me, a bullet don't have no one's name on it. Anybody could get hurt. Anybody could get shot," she said.

At least two bullets struck Quintina Williams' home, she says. She's just thankful her mother wasn't there.

"Kinda scary you know but I'm just lucky that nobody got hurt or anything," she said.

Serita's feeling the same way. She says sometimes her kids play near the window or outside.

"There's no words that can even say what that would feel like if one of my kids would've gotten hurt," she said.

The afternoon shooting has left her hoping her neighborhood isn't making a turn for the worse.

"It's not okay when your kids don't feel safe where they lay their head," she said.

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