News 12 Exclusive: Large drug bust in Harrisburg

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News 12 at 11, February 1, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga -- Richmond County Narcotics Investigators tell News 12 they've been looking for 21-year old Tyriquez Lequan McFadden for over half a year and this week a big tip leads them to their guy.

The bust happened at his house at 1838 Starns Street in the Harrisburg community. News 12 was the only crew on the scene of the bust and you can see the exclusive video of the of the arrests and the loot only on News 12.

It's a drug bust that was truly a family affair, and people in the Harrisburg Community say they're thrilled to have both the suspects and the drugs out of their backyard.

In News 12's exclusive video, you see guns, drugs, and money, lots of money. Richmond county narcotics investigators say it all belongs to one man 21-year-old Tyriquez McFadden; and heading to jail with him, his own mother 42-year-old Dorothy Brown and another woman, 19-year-old Deversly Willingham.

"He's a fairly good size dealer for this particular area; we're glad we were able to get him tonight." says Richmond County Narcotics Investigator Lt. Robert Partain.

Investigators say McFadden did about two to three thousand dollars worth of business a day dealing cocaine.

"Shame shame shame! It's a waste of money and it's harming everybody around them." Donna Beaver lives just a few houses down and spent the night watching the bust unfold "Police, police, and police! But, I'm awfully glad they are here and I'm glad they are cleaning up the neighborhood."

Narcotics investigators combed the house and the backyard for more than two hours, even bringing in a drug sniffing dog to help with the search for the loot. "These people they have very good hiding places-it's the nature of their business."

Investigators say McFadden was on their radar for a long time. They've been looking for him for more than six months and earlier this week, a tip led them right to him. "Harrisburg is being plagued with drugs for a long time now, we'll be glad to get this one and any other ones." adds Lt. Partain.

Drugs like cocaine and marijuana and all the crime that goes along with it, tonight Donna and her neighbors say they're celebrating these people are now out of their backyard. "I'm very glad the police were here and got everything and everyone taken away, maybe our neighborhood will be nicer."

Several guns were seized and investigators speculate the cash will total around five thousand dollars. Cocaine and marijuana were inside the home.

Tyriquez McFadden and 19 year old Deversly Willingham are charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

McFadden's mother, 42-year-old Dorothy Brown is charged with possession of cocaine.

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