Update: New judge in long-delayed courthouse murder trial

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February 4 , 2008

ATLANTA, Ga.---In March 2005 Brian Nichols was accused of gunning down four people in an escape attempt at the Fulton County courthouse.

There have been repeated delays in the case, and now there's another.

Superior Court Judge Hilton Fuller says he's stepping down from the case. He was quoted as saying, "the whole world knows Nichols did it."

Nichols was on trial for rape at the time of the deadly shootings. He's
since been linked to an escape plot at the county jail. Jury selection has been postponed repeatedly and there have been other legal problems associated with the case.

Cobb County Superior Court Judge James Bodiford has now been assigned to the case. There's no indication when the legal hearings will resume.

Nichols faces the death penalty if convicted.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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