Local Update - January 31, 2008

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Shooting Death in Thomson

A shooting in McDuffie County left 77-year old Fred Ansley dead in his
home. Investigators have now charged his wife, Helen, with felony
murder. Officers say the shooting was due to an argument after day-long drinking. Mrs. Ansley's son, Steve Chaney of Lincolnton, was also arrested for misdemeanor obstruction.

Making Parents Pay?

Richmond County School Supt. Dana Bedden says maybe it's time for a
new law to make students and parents responsible for paying for bomb
threats. This comes after repeated, profanity-laced 9-1-1 calls about
phony threats at several schools.

1102 Probation

1102 Bar and Grill in downtown Augusta may be headed for a 90-day license probation. An Augusta Commission committee recommended that after a beating outside the bar. A bar co-owner is charged in the attack.

Chick-Fil-A Sales

Sales at Chick-Fil-A stores are booming--up 16% from the year before.
The Georgia-based chain is considering adding several new items to the menu and making its popular chicken strips larger.

Time to Vote

Advance voting continues in Georgia Thursday and Friday before
Tuesday's presidential primaries.

Bulldogs Bounced

In sports, South Carolina's basketball team beat Georgia 62 to 56 at the Colonial Center In Columbia. The Bulldog men are now 11 and 7, the
Gamecocks are 10 and 10. Both have losing records in Southeastern
Conference play.

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