Kissing students expelled

News 12 at 11 o'clock, January 30, 2008

COLUMBIA, SC---Two teenagers have been kicked out of school in Richland County, South Carolina. It's not for drugs, or guns, or even cheating for that matter. They're in trouble for kissing on a school bus.

They were kicked out of school and their families are not happy about it.
They're challenging the school's decision. School leaders told one parent that they removed her son for "sexual misconduct."

Dominique Goyner is the young man who was expelled.

"It hurt me deeply it really did, I didn't think I would get expelled from the district," he said.

Jody Free is his mother.

"I would think they might suspend them off the bus for a day or two, but expelling them, that's a little steep," she said.

The kissing was caught on a school bus camera. Jody says it only went on for a couple of minutes. The school report suggests the teenager was touching the girl inappropriately.

Dominique says he hopes the expulsion won't keep him from attending a military academy after graduation.

A school district spokeswoman says district stands by the decision.

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