New incident reporting system in Columbia County

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News 12 at 11, January 29, 2008

Evans, Ga. --- Meet Deputy Erik Kepshire. A lot has changed for him over the past month. He now uses a new system called Sungard Mobile Field Reporting. He said his paperwork has been cut down drastically. It's now done on the computer.

"When I get done with a call anytime that's convenient for me, I can pull over and start inputting all the information. Once my reports complete, I send it from my computer to my supervisor's computer," Deputy Erik Kepshire said.

"We can keep an eye on where all the deputies are running calls. It shows where each of them are at. If one of them were to have a problem, we don't have to wait for the dispatcher to give the locations we know exactly where they are by looking on the screen," Sgt. David Heaton said.

The colors on the map show the different beats that each deputy patrols. The system also shows a number which indicates where each deputies car is presently located. Deputies can also touch the screen, which will zoom in to the map telling them exactly where to go. The new system also creates a database with all the individual's personal information.

"I've already been able to come across the same people and pull them up right out of the database and put them right onto the report. But it is a lot more efficient," Deputy Kepshire said.

Deputy Kepshire said his favorite part is feeling prepared and informed before arriving to a scene. In the past, the dispatcher would give them a call over the radio and the deputy would write down all the information.

With the new system, the information pops up on the deputies computer screen. Everything from the address, where their headed, to the nature of the call.

"If one of the subjects we're going to deal with has had a history of running from the police or fighting with the police we have all that information now before we even get on scene. So it's efficient but it's also an officer safety issue as well," Deputy Kepshire said.

It all adds up to a faster response. Something you'll want, when you need them most.

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