E-mails still flying in Coliseum Authority drama

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January 29, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga.---The dueling e-mails continue over a planned joint meeting of the Augusta Coliseum Authority board members and members of the local legislative delegation.

Delegation chair Rep. Quincy Murphy arranged a joint meeting for this
week in a legislative office building at the Capitol in Atlanta.

Then Sen Ed Tarver objected, saying the 8 am meeting time would be inconvenient for authority members.

Muprhy promised to poll the Authority members to find out how many would attend.

Now Authority chair Harry Moore has told Murphy, "I sadly regret that I will not be able to attend the scheduled meeting. There are several other board membes that will not be able to attend either. Please reschedule this meeting in Augusta so that all board members can attend."

The response---

"Dear Chairman Moore,

Thank you for your response and I do appreciate your suggestion. At this time, I feel it would still be in our best interest to proceed with our meeting as planned. Several members of Augusta Richmond County Coliseum Authority , stated they would be interested and able to attend this meeting, at their own expense.

I will contact you at a later date, so that we may meet again with those members of the Authority that are not available to attend our January 31, 2008 meeting @ 8:00am here in Atlanta.

Respectfully, Dawn Baker on behalf of Representative Quincy Murphy"

And finally, this from Senator Tarver, e-mailed to the media Tuesday at 6:15pm.

"Chairman Moore,

Thanks for informing us about your conflict. It is unfortunate that you were not accommodated. However, unless those referred to in Rep. Murphy's email as being able to attend provide new, additional, information I suspect that Rep. Murphy's meeting will be a refresher of the information discussed when Rep. Davis and I met with 11 of the 12 members of the Coliseum Authority a few weeks ago. I am happy to present information at the meeting on Thursday from you, or any other member of your Coliseum Authority who is not able to attend.

Regards, Sen. Ed Tarver"

Stay tuned.

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