SC governor pushes DUI reform

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News 12 First at Five, January 28, 2008

AIKEN, S.C. --- South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford stopped in Aiken to talk about issues he wants to get through the State House and Senate.

30 days: that's Governor Mark Sanford's deadline to have three key issues become new laws in South Carolina. The first issue is health care for small businesses. He would like to make it easier for employers to give employees benefits.

The second, illegal immigration reform. He says there are no teeth in the state's current law, and it's important to make stronger because Georgia has laws against it.

The third reform would be making DUI laws much tougher.

"Our point has been - look. You can have all the breathalyzers, all the other things in terms of steering wheel locks. But at the end of the day, you don't have a real prosecution -- for that first time offender, that second time offender -- then you still got a problem. It's putting teeth behind existing laws. It's telling when the Solicitor says it's easier to prosecute a murder case than ti is a DUI case in South Carolina. That's really telling," says Gov. Sanford.

The Governor adds, in a first degree murder case, you have to read a person their Miranda Rights only once. But in a DUI case, he claims those rights have to be read three times.

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