First on 12: Paine College SGA president speaks out about 'embarrassment of our checks bouncing at local banks'

Paine College
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News 12 First at Five / Wednesday, March 21, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Paine College is announcing changes in leadership of the Financial Services Office after students held a protest on campus Wednesday.

"I believe that my peers felt that their voices were not heard," said SGA president Jabal Moss. "They felt that drastic measures needed to be taken."

They have major questions.

"What is the administration doing to help or aide us with the embarrassment of our checks bouncing at the local banks?" questioned Moss. "You know ... mold and mildew in the residence hall ... those issues."

We went straight to school administration.

"We did have an issue of human error where there were checks issued that was not properly filled out," said Brandon Brown, vice president of Institutional Advancement.

Moss says the checks of 30 or 40 students bounced. It is a side effect of what some are calling mismanagement in the Financial Affairs Office. Sources tell News 12 the board of trustees was forced to approve borrowing up to $3 million from the school's unrestricted endowment to "secure the safety and viability of the institution."

"We have had some changes in the leadership our area of finances," Brown said.

School President George Bradley met with about 40 students Wednesday afternoon. He said the college is working to address each of their concerns.

"I think they feel as if their voices were heard," Moss said. "I think now they just want to make sure that action is taken."